B&B Recovery

Company Name: B&B Recovery

Columbus, OH Repo Man - Repossession Company

Main Contact: Larry Baker
Phone Number: 614-572-2713
Second Number: 614-572-2713
Fax Number: 614-835-0345
Website: https://quickrepo.com/bb-recovery/
Email: b.brecovery1@gmail.com
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Mailing Address: 1380 W. Broad St.

Columbus, OH 43222

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About B&B Recovery:
  • Since its founding, B&B Recovery is family owned and operated recovery agency for 10 years with Offices in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio The Baker is committed to this industry and every member is a Certified Collateral Recovery Specialist, (CCRS). We ensure skip tracing tactics are up-to-date! What does that mean to you…your assets are obtained in record time.
  • B&B can attribute its success to the dedication, professionalism and expertise of our staff because they play such an important part of our Business. We are successful because we treat every assignment with urgency, recover assets with proficientcy and offer efficient unbeatable customer service.
  • Recovery of any and all motorized vehicles.
  • Involuntary & Voluntary Repossessions – (all motorized vehicles)
  • Skip Tracing Services
  • Secure Indoor & Outdoor Storage
  • Personal Property Handling & Redemption
  • Transport Services
Areas of Coverage:
  • Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana
License Number:
  • Fully Insured and Bonded

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