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Would you like to become a repo man or repossession agent? Would you like to know more about what it takes to become one? If so, this section of will help you get started in the repossession industry. Our entire site is tailored to the repo industry, and is a trusted source of information throughout the profession. Use the various repo tools and free repossession information found on to learn more about this growing industry.

If you are not sure what a repo man is, or you would just like to learn more about what they do, click here to learn more about what a repoman is. If you already know what a repossession agent is, then you are ready to check if your state has any licensing or other requirements to become a repo man. Use our Repossession Laws / Recovery Requirements section to review the laws and requirements in your state.

Once you have reviewed the rules and regulations of your state, browse our directory of repossession companies to find a company in your area to approach about employment. After becoming employed as a repo man or repossession agent, come back and continue learning more about your new profession with our repossession tools and free repo information sections.

Things to keep in mind if you are interested in becoming a repo man or repossession agent:

  • You Should Have Great People Skills
  • You Should be able to Calm People and Handle Irate Individuals
  • You Should be a Problem Solver
  • You Should Possess Good Investigative Skills
  • You Should ‘Read’ People Well (people lie, and you need to know when they do)
  • You Should Have Great Organizational Skills
  • You Should be Perseverant
  • You Should be Able to Follow-up With People (such as attorneys, etc.)
  • You May Need to Work Odd Hours (such as nights and weekends)
  • You May Have to Repossess against Someone Larger Than You (they may be intimidating)
  • You May be a Contractor (you pay for gas, insurance, etc. on your own)

So how do you get started in this growing industry? Are you the right type of person to perform repossessions?

To start, get a job working for a reputable repossession agency. You need to see first hand what experienced repo agents do. You should also discuss mistakes and helpful hints and tips with seasoned professionals before you begin. You must know what you can and cannot say to the debtors you are collecting from, where you can and cannot go, and what you can and cannot do in the course of a repossession. If you do not know the correct recovery requirements and repossession laws for your state, country, or province, you may find yourself in more trouble than the debtor you are collecting from. With training and observational experience, comes knowledge.

At times, being a repo man can be dangerous, with your health or life being threatened. You must be calm and be able to ignore impulses of excitement and rage (both from yourself and the debtor). Most often though, being a repossession agent is a fairly lackluster job. Repos become routine, and you can become bored. You are not here to ‘steal’ things for a living. You are here to recovery property that has not been paid for, from individuals or companies that are in debt.

You cannot forget that this job may become dangerous at any time, so you must always keep that in the back of your mind. Do not become too relaxed. There are times that you may come into contact with debtors (which you really want to avoid). Though you do not want to come into contact with the debtors, do expect it. Upon making contact, you must be calm, courteous, and in control. You cannot become ‘caught up’ in the emotion of the moment. A debtor cannot be in control in this situation, only you can. Do everything you can to remain firm, persuasive, and in control, but do not be mean, cruel, or physical.

Do not expect being a repo man will be an easy job. You will be on call at all times; mornings, nights, and weekends. You will make more enemies than friends. Portray yourself in a professional way that will leave a lasting impression. Even if that impression is a good one, make sure the debtor knows they should never have to see you again.

None of this information should be considered legal counsel or advice, and you should do your do your own research before beginning a career in the repossession industry.

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