West Virginia Repossession Laws / Recovery Requirements

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Where do I refer to for Title or License Registration?

For state Title and License Information, refer to:


West Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

1600 Washington Street East

Charleston, West Virginia 25311


Telephone: (304) 558-3621


Fee for search of records is $1.00.


The request form can be found here.

Security Interests:

Shown on title held by lienholder.


Recording Requirements:

Must be recorded with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Recovery Requirements:

As per the UCC, repossession is allowed and permitted as long as it is peaceful, after a Ten (10) Day Right to Cure Letter from lienholder to debtor.

Redemption Requirements:

None permitted after sale.

Deficiency Requirements:

Judgment notes are invalid and deficiencies are permitted of lien instruments so provide. Suit for price does not bar retaking and vice-versa.

Special Motor Vehicle Provisions:

Lien must be recorded on certificate of title to be valid against third parties.

Documents Required to Transfer Ownership of Motor Vehicle:

Title name of lienholder or debtor, affidavit of repossession, Power of Attorney, notarized Bill of Sale, certified copy of instrument, and odometer statement.


Documents Required for Liquidation:

Title, Repossession Affidavit, Bill of Sale, and Odometer Statement.



Remain with the owner / debtor, and are transferable.



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